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It's All Medical Billing 

knows that the business side of healthcare gives providers the freedom to focus on quality care for their patients.


Using an efficient medical billing service gives you as the provider peace of mind to build a successful practice — creating a solid financial relationship between you and your patients.

It all starts with a healthy revenue cycle.

Are you satisfied with the revenue your medical practice generates? If the answer is no, It's All Medical Billing can help you with that. 

Medical billing is more than submitting claims.

Tameka J. Duncan, CPB, CPPM

Revenue Cycle


It's All Medical Billing knows medical billing is more than submitting claims. 


It also includes following up on those claims, correcting claim errors, mailing patient statements, and much more. 


It involves staying up-to-date on billing guidelines and requirements to avoid jeopardizing revenue.

​A continuous cash flow happens when a revenue cycle is healthy.

And while you may believe the cycle begins once a claim is submitted, it begins when a patient makes an appointment with your practice. A missed step in your revenue cycle can equal lost revenues for your practice.


Its All Medical Billing Revenue Cycle

A healthy revenue cycle tracks the life of a patient's account from the time an appointment is scheduled until you receive payment for services rendered to the patient.

How does your revenue cycle compare to this one? 

 I'll create a solid financial relationship between you and your patients.

Tameka J. Duncan, CPB, CPPM

Tameka J. Duncan

Tameka J. Duncan, CPB, CPPM


  • 15+ years as a Physician Practice Manager and a Medical Biller

  • Member of  AAPC, one of the nations largest organization for medical billers since 2013

  • Experienced in Lytec, Medisoft, Therapy Notes, and Amazing Charts software


  • Certified Professional Biller (CPB) Since 2013

  • Certified Professional Practice Management (CPPM) Since 2013

  • Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Since 2017

  • AAPC Approved Instructor (CPB-I) Since 2022

From special billing projects to the complete billing process, my services can be tailored to your needs to make your billing process easier.

Owner, It's All Medical Billing

Specializes in OBGYN Billing


Your patients are the heartbeat of your practice, and how your services are billed is your lifeline.

Tameka J. Duncan, CPB, CPPM



It's All Medical Billing services are performed remotely, saving you little to no cost on overhead, employee benefits, payroll taxes, and training fees. Service costs and fees depend on the needs of your practice, which can be anything from following up on claim denials to handling your entire billing process.

Schedule a Consultation to discuss  your practice's needs and how I can assist you.


  • Electronic/Paper Claims Submission

  • Medicare/Medicaid/Commercial Claims Submission

  • Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Submission

  • Claim Report Tracking


  • Reimbursement Posting

  • Reimbursement Report Tracking

  • Insurance Overpayments


  • Outstanding Insurance Aging

  • Outstanding Patient Aging


  • A/R Tracking

  • A/R Claims Follow-up

  • Denials

  • Appeals


  • Patient Payment Posting

  • Patient Statement Billing

  • Patient Statement A/R Tracking

  • Patient Collections Forwarding 

  • Patient Refunds

Ready for a consultation?



With Tameka as our billing officer, The St. Croix Eye Group managed to increase its collection by 30% within the first 6 months and sustain our income for services rendered on an annual basis. Organized billing is essential to the effective operation of a medical practice.

Dr. Alfred Anduze



  • 1. Where is It's All Medical Billing located?
    It's All Medical Billing is a remote medical billing business based in the US Virgin Islands.
  • 2. What services does It's All Medical Billing provide?
    The services I provide can be found under the Services section of the website. .
  • 3. How much are the services at It's All Medical Billing?
    It's All Medical Billing prices for service depends on the client's individual needs. Schedule an appointment here so we can discuss the needs of your practice.
  • 4. How do I get started if I'm interested in having you bill for me?
    To get started, you can schedule an appointment here so we can discuss the needs of your practice.
  • 5. Why is it important to have a "Certified Medical Biller"?"
    Certified medical billers are trained to maintain all parts of a provider's revenue cycle. They are certified because they go through hours of training to pass a proficiency exam that tests their knowledge. They're also required to stay current by keeping up on their Continuing Education Units (CEUs). There's no law that require medical billers to be certified, but without the continuous knowledge and education in the medical billing guidelines and payer requirements, it could affect the provider's revenue.
  • 6. How do I contact you?
    You can schedule an appointment here so we can discuss the needs of your practice.
  • 7. What type of providers have you billed for?
    I have billed for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Behavioral Health, Pain Medicine and General Surgery providers.


Thank You!

I'll contact you within 24 - 48 business hours.

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